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Women’s Fitness Training Guide

fitness1Due to the growing obesity epidemic, women all over the world want to lose weight and get fit.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of these women don’t know where to start.  The easiest and most effective way to get in shape is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

The first step consumers should take is joining a gym.  As most women do not have a well-stocked home gym, this is an affordable way to get access to gym equipment.

Once a gym has been selected, women will need to hire a personal trainer.  They can either select a trainer that is affiliated with the gym or find a private trainer.  Most trainers give discounts to customers who book more than one session.

During the personal training session, the trainer will devise a program based on the customer’s individual needs and capabilities.  Most programs will consist of both cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

Cardio will help women lose weight and weight training will tone their bodies.  Women commonly fear that weight training will result in them building bulky muscles.  This could not be further from the truth.  As a woman’s body is not designed to have big muscles, it takes a big time commitment to achieve these results.

Some women will be wondering why they need to hire a personal trainer.  After all, gym equipment is fairly easy to use.  The answer to this question is that personal trainers have a wealth of health, weight-loss and training knowledge. 

A good personal trainer will be able to help women achieve their goals with effective and efficient training techniques.  They will also teach women how to stretch and use equipment safely.  This will prevent injuries.

No amount of exercise will help women lose weight if they do not eat well.  Training programs should be coupled with a healthy low-calorie diet.  The ideal diet will be full of protein and vegetables.

The use of supplements may help women reach their goal weight faster.  Protein shakes or tablets from health stores can speed up the metabolism.  Although the research on these supplements has had varied results, some women have reported that using supplements has increased their rate of weight loss.

If women eat a low calorie diet and exercise at least three times a week, they will lose weight.  Over time, their bodies will become stronger and appear toned. They often get nicely sculpted tummies and strong lean legs into the bargain.

For more information about how to get your body looking sculpted, smooth and fat free check out the exeperts at www.celulitisinfo.org


How to Create a Winning Bid

In order to bid for contravts in both the public and private sector you need to have intimate knowledge of the industry. You need to know the landscape as it pertains to the type of business that is out there and which contracts are worth going after. Along with this you need to know about the company who is applying for the tender and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

When making a bid or tender you need to firstly do some competitive research and see where your strengths lie in comparison to your competitors. Nextly you have to research the company who has put out the tender to enable you to present a solution to their problems. Companies like Executive Compass and Bid Write are some of the best tender writing uk companies and are very adept at doing this and have a lot of experience across the board.

tender writing You need to present your bid in a captivating form – this can often be written or graphical but often works best if you’re able to present this in person or over Skype. The reason being that you can put over much more of your personality with an in person presentation that you ever can with a written presentation.

Finally you may be put on a short list for tender and get an opportunity to answer questions on your bid. This is where you get to re-itterate your key points and also allay any concerns your prospective customers may have. It’s important at this stage to be clear and concise and act like a trusted authority for your prospective client as this has a much better chance of winning you that tender.

Tender and bid writing is alll about research and clear presentation of the opportunities in the market place. If you stick to these two key principles you will not go far wrong.

How to Cope With Knee Pain

knee painAnterior knee pain is a common complaint in many people especially runners and those you take part in team games such as basketball, football or volleyball complain of. Most people will go to the GP thinking they need to have that any assessed but the first port of call for such a problem should be your local physiotherapist. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor may help initially but to resolve the problem a physiotherapist needs to assess exactly what the problem is. There are a number of common problems that affect the front of the knee. They include:

  • Patello-femoral pain syndrome (PFPS)
  • Patella tendonopathy
  • Fat pad impingement
  • Synovial plica

Regardless of what problem you have at the front of the knee the physiotherapist will carry out a number of assessments in your initial session. Typically the physiotherapist will look at the following:

  • Your gait
  • Squat, single leg squat, hops
  • Palpation – medial and lateral facet, retinaculum, patella tendon, fat pad, inferior pole of patella
  • Patella glides
  • VMO activity
  • Muscle length tension tests

Once they have carried out these assessments they will be able to come to a diagnosis as to what is causing your anterior knee pain. The most common diagnosis for anterior knee pain is patellofemoral joint pain otherwise known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. This is where the kneecap rubs on the underlying bone and creates a peripatella synovitis (swelling behind the kneecap). This type of pain usually worsens with activity such running as well as going up and down stairs, getting on and off the toilet, or standing out from a chair. Risk factors for this type of knee pain include what is known as intrinsic factors such as:

  • Pronated foot type (flat feet)
  • Inadequate flexibility (tight quads, hamstrings and ITB)
  • Patella position
  • Neuromuscular control of the Vasti muscles

Treatment for this type of me pain should initially be aimed at reducing pain and swelling. This will include the use of RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation. You should also take some paracetamol. The next thing to do is to reduce the amount of loading that goes through the knees. This means resting from your sports or running. Your physiotherapist will help to address local and remote intrinsic factors using things such as:

  • Patella taping / brace
  • Vasti retraining
  • Orthoses
  • Stretching
  • Retraining hip function

Once you have had a number of Wandsworth physiotherapy sessions controlling the pain and addressing some of the biomechanical issues that you may suffer from your anterior knee pain should begin to resolve and you can get back to your sporting activities.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a discipline that helps sick, injured or disabled people restore their movement and function. The physiotherapist will train at University for three years learning all about anatomy, physiology and physiotherapeutic techniques before graduating and invariably getting a job in the National Health Service (NHS). They will spend some time learning on the job whilst working in the NHS, honing their skills before specialising into their preferred area of expertise.

sports massagePhysiotherapy is a very broad profession with therapists specialising in areas such as musculoskeletal physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy, paediatrics, cardio respiratory physiotherapy or even equine physiotherapy (working with horses). Physiotherapy is a protected term and all physiotherapists must be registered with the health care professions Council (HCPC).  Physiotherapist must also be registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) so always double check that your physiotherapist has these registration numbers. If they don’t, they are not a physiotherapist and you should go elsewhere.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapists are the type of people that help recreational sports people recover from injury, and also help resolve occupational injuries such as low back pain or shoulder pain. If you have an occupational or sports injury you can reach out to One Physiotherapy in Reading who along with being a fully licensed rehabilitation clinic they also deliver the best sports massage in Reading. They have been helping people recover from injury for almost 10 years both working in professional sport and private practice.

Visit http://www.onephysiotherapyreading.co.uk for more information. 

Neurological physiotherapists help people after having strokes or help people with other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Cardio respiratory physio’s help people with problems with their lungs such as people with COPD, or other of obstructive pulmonary disorders. You are much more likely to encounter these types of physiotherapists if you are unfortunate enough to be admitted into hospital.

For both massage and physiotherapy you should seek out qualified practitioners every time.

The Perfect Set of Pins

If you want to have the perfect set of lean and toned legs then these exercises should help. Performed regularly and with intensity these leg exercises produce great results every time.

lungesThe all round best exercises for conditioning all the muscles in your lower body is the lunge. Because of the nature of the movement and the muscles involved the lunge effectively works the thighs, hamstrings, glutes, adductors and even your calves. For an exercise to tone and condition this many muscles in one go is pretty special and it means you get the most bang for your buck during your workout.

To perform a lunge properly you need to start with your feet hip width apart and then take a stride forward so your knee is bent to ninety degrees. From here, whilst keeping your chest upright, you lower your back knee to the floor. Return to the start position by pressing up throught he front foot. This is a static lunge which is the most basic form and this can be progressed in many ways to make the exercise harder and also more beneficial.

leg toningSquats are another fantastic exercise for working the leg muscles and while they predominantly work the thighs they also recruit the muscles of the glutes and hamstrings. The deeper you squat the more you benefit as pressing out of the bottom position activates specific fibres of the thigh muscles along with your hamstrings and glutes. To perform a squat simply stand with your feet hip width apart again and then lower your bottom to the ground while keeping your torso as upright as possible (like sitting back into a chair).

The number of reps I recommend for both of these exercises is 10-12 reps per set building up to four sets in total. Make sure you lift a weight that only allows you to perform this many reps – you shouldn’t be able to do hundreds of reps!!

Try these great leg exercises to shape and tone your thighs and bottom and be the envy of all your friends. If you’d like more information then feel free to contact us at Body Shape Cosmetics where we’d be happy to hear from you.

Get Outside and Get Fit

Even at this time of year people are looking to get outdoors to keep fit and healthy. From weekend rambles and outddor activity clubs to fitness boot camps and triathlons.

The attraction for many is the fresh air and sunlight (plus the rain!)which will give you an overall energy boost. Sunlight will increase your vitamin D production and the fresh air will fill your lungs.

People spend much of their day indoors whether it be in the office or in their houses. They aspire to get back to nature and see some natural elements in their life like the sky, trees, plants and rivers.

Moor rambling and orienteering groups are popular as people are willing to undertake activities that get them out in nature. Many new people are joining running clubs and taking up triathlon in order to get fit. They also benefit from the social elements involved in these activities.

peak 15 fitnessOutdoor fitness boot camps are growing in strength and most towns and cities have multiple operations taking place at any one time. Peak 15 Fitness run popular fitness boot camps in both Wandsworth and Reading. They take groupd of up to 20 ladies and put them through a rigorous 60 minute workout designed to help them get fit and drop body fat.

They use traditional body weight and circuit exercises along with running drills to get their members in great shape. Their outdoor fitness classes in Wandsworth Common are open to all ladies who want to take their fitness to the next level.

So if you want to get fit this year and get a great dose of the great outdoors you have many choices. You may want to sign up for your local triathlon, join a regular running club or sign up for you local fitness boot camp. Whichever option you choose we hope you enjoy your new endeavour.


Managing Tummy Problems

Here is a guest post from Nutritionist Steve Hines who specialises in helping people with digestive problems.

Many people suffer from tummy problems, often called IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. You can improve the symptoms of your IBS by following these useful principles developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine. First of all use of the DIGIN principle: this stands for digestion inflammation, GI bacteria, immune system, and nervous system. To gather this information you may need to work with a nutritional therapist that specialises in tummy problems and also get some tests from your GP.



D – do you have gas and bloating after eating?

I – do you have signs of inflammation in your body such as painful and swollen joints, eczema or other skin problems, or have you seen evidence of information on blood tests or store tests?

G – have you recently taken antibiotics?

I – have you been diagnosed with coeliac disease or any other autoimmune condition?

N – what are your stress levels? Do you work long hours?  Do you get enough sleep?


Once you have this information to hand you can then apply the five ours principle, which is a way of managing your tummy problems.


5 R’s


Remove – is there anything that you have found that needs to be removed? Do you have parasites or bacterial disbiosis? Do you have food intolerances that need to be removed?

Replace – is there any food or nutrients that need to be replaced in your diet? Do you need HCL, enzymes or any vitamins and minerals?

Reinoculate – if you have taken antibiotics you will need to reinoculate the bowel with friendly bacteria. So take probiotics, drink kefir, or eat yoghurt, pickled ginger and sauerkraut.

Repair – leaky gut is now being recognised as a medical problem so do you need to repair your gut lining? If so eat foods like ghee or take the supplement glutamine.

Rebalance – lastly you need to start to rebalance your lifestyle. Get more sleep, more relaxation time and doing things that you enjoy.

If you’d like to contact London Nutritional Therapist Steve Hines then go to his website at www.thefrontlineofnutrition.com


Super Effective Abdominal Exercises

Every year, many people resolve to lose weight and get in shape. However, even after they have dropped a lot of weight, they may still be unhappy with their level of fitness. It is not enough to just lose weight; you also have to build muscle and improve your stamina.

One of the most important muscle groups to focus on when you are working out is your abdominal muscles particularly your ejercicios abdominales inferiores. Without a strong core, you are going to have a hard time being in great shape. Your abs are vital to your overall fitness, so finding some effective abdominal exercises is key.

Rosa-Mendes-Fitness-Exercise-StyleOne of the best exercises for your abs is the bicycle. Lie down on your back and put your hands behind your head. Lift your head off the floor and move your legs as if you were riding a bicycle. As each knee comes towards your chest, bring the opposite elbow over to meet it. Then switch sides.

An exercise ball can be a great tool for working on your abs. Use the ball to support your lower back and keep your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head and lift your torso off the ball. Make sure that the ball remains stable underneath you as you do this exercise.

Vertical leg crunches are another good way to work your abs. Lie down on the floor on your back and lift your legs straight up into the air. Put your hands behind your head and lift your shoulder blades off of the floor. Be sure to keep your legs in a straight position. Do not let them come back towards your head. Check this out for more tips.

A traditional crunch can be made more effective by extending your arms up over your head. Instead of keeping your hands behind your head or crossed over your chest, keep them extended straight up. This makes your abs work harder and gives them more of a workout. For an even more difficult exercise, hold a dumbbell in your hands while you are doing these crunches.

Losing weight and getting in shape is important, so you need to find ways to strengthen your core. Doing so will yield many health benefits and make it easier to keep the weight off for the long term. With these effective abdominal exercises, you can get the flat belly and strong abs you have always wanted.

Great Strength Training Exercises

Exercise-FitnessBuilding muscle can be extremely hard. It can be difficult trying to come up with new ways to increase your muscle mass. Everyone knows that there are really good weight training workouts out there. People ask us here at Vitafontis training, what are they? Below we will discuss some of the best weight training workouts that you can get started with today.

1. Log Clean And Press.

This is a great exercise because there is literally zero learning curve. Pretty much everyone can learn this technique in less than ten minutes. It is always featured at strongmen competitions, for good reason. It will help build huge traps, upper backs, and shoulders. If you are looking to build mass, you should definitely include this workout in your routine.

2. Safety Bar Squat.

If you want to increase the size of your legs, you need to get to the gym and do some squats. The problem with the regular squatting technique is that a lot of people have problems doing it – correctly. For this reason, you should focus on the safety bar squat. You should be able to squat properly to avoid injury with a safety bar. Plus, there is going to be less stress on your shoulders. This means that you will not have to work your shoulders for what is supposed to be a lower body workout. This can be good for those wanting to split lower and upper body workouts into different days.

3. Trap Bar Deadlift.

You are going to want to complete the exercise if you want to gain real body mass. A lot of people say that the fundamental core of weight training is picking up heavy stuff. For this reason, the trap bar deadlift is going to be the most basic and yet worthwhile exercises that you will complete. A lot of people cannot pull a straight regular bar off the floor without losing proper form. For this reason, you will want to utilize a trap bar. Pretty much everyone can use this with good form. It is basically a mix of a squat and a deadlift.

4. Farmers Walk.

This is an excellent exercise for those trying to build your grip. Plus, it will ultimately work on your back muscles and your traps. This is one of the most effective exercises for building stability in your ankles, as well. This is a must do for effective weight training workouts.

For more information call London fitness trainer, Chris Hines, who works for Vitafontis Health.

Healthy Dietary Advice For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a special and unique time in a woman’s life. During this special time, it becomes increasingly important to pay close attention to the food choices one makes. A proper diet provides all of the nutrients that the growing a baby needs, and it also helps to prepare mom for the many changes that her body will undergo as it begins the journey toward delivery. Follow along as we discuss some of the best dietary information available for pregnant women.

Happy mother with newborn babyA healthy diet at any time in life combines all of the food groups in a balanced way. This is especially true during pregnancy. A woman’s diet should consist of a good balance of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. A good way to make sure one’s diet contains all of these elements is to add color to the plate at every meal. Mix up fruits and vegetables in order to provide the growing baby with a good balance of vitamins and minerals, and make sure to consume lean meats, hearty beans and products like tofu to provide mom and baby with the protein necessary for brain and muscle development.

While a colorful plate is important, it is equally important to make sure that mom is not consuming too many calories. Gone are the days when a mom was advised to simply eat for two. With modern research and findings, women are now advised to consider their own body styles prior to pregnancy when deciding on how many calories to take in. A woman should seek to gain about 25 pounds if she is of average weight prior to pregnancy, and weigh t gain should be limited to about 15 pounds if she is considered overweight prior to pregnancy. These recommendations can help to prevent gestational diabetes and other pregnancy concerns, allowing for a healthier delivery. A woman should consult with her obstetrician or midwife to determine the proper caloric intake for her body style and needs.

Finally, it is important to consume a high quality multi-vitamin daily, preferably one that is made for pregnant women. Even with a very healthy diet, it is hard to get all of the nutrients that mom and baby need. Because of this, a supplement is recommended. Women should discuss this with their healthcare provider in order to find the vitamin that is right for them.

Pregnancy is a special time in life, and women should consider their dietary choices carefully when carrying a baby. By making smart eating choices, a woman can ensure her health, as well as the health of her baby during this unique time of life.

For more information about nutrientes importante click here.

Enjoy the Benefits of Interval Training

Interval training is an effective workout routine used by athletes as a way to build their fitness and endurance. This type of workout requires high intensity short bursts of speed followed by a slow, but effective, recovery phase, with repeated occurrences during a single exercise session.

Exercise-and-FitnessBasic and advanced interval training workout routines are highly structured exercises, which are extremely effective for building endurance and speed. The variations of the workout routine can be sophisticated or simple.

Defining Interval Training

Interval training is structured on alternating high intensity short bursts of a speedy workout mixed with the slow pace recovery phase. It is efficient because it uses both an anaerobic and an aerobic system. During the portion of high-intensity workout, the body’s anaerobic system will utilize glycogen (stored energy) in the muscles to provide a short high-intensity burst of activity.

Anaerobic metabolism can create energy without oxygen. However, it does produce lactic acid is a by-product. As the lactic acid intensifies, the athlete enters an oxygen-lacking phase. During the recovery phase of the workout routine, the lungs and heart work in unison to replenish the oxygen debt while breaking down the generated lactic acid. Alternatively, any spent energy during the aerobic system phase (replenishing oxygen) is created by the conversion of stored carbohydrates.

The Benefits

Interval training utilizes the best of adaptation. In fact, it is known to lead to a variety of physiological changes, including the enhancement of cardiovascular efficiency (the body’s capacity to deliver much-needed oxygen to muscle groups). In addition, repeated workouts will help minimize the amount of lactic acid the body produces during the workout routine. In fact, over time the adaptation generated by interval training will improve the athlete’s performance and endurance while increasing speed.

Interval training has also been recognized as an efficient workout routine for avoiding injuries that are associated with muscle repetitive overuse, which is often a common occurrence in most exercise workouts. Interval training exercise provides the opportunity for the athlete to increase the intensity of their workouts, without burning out or over-training.

Burning More Calories

Studies from the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) indicate that interval training allows the body to burn more calories during high-intensity, short exercise routines. Based on the intensity, interval training helps to enhance the performance of the muscles, lungs and heart. This type of workout exercise routine is beneficial at every workout level, from beginner to elite athlete.

The team at Peak xv fitness use a variety of interval training sessions at their outdoor fitness sessions on Wandsworth Common with their diverse client base.

How Personal Training Saved Me

The benefits of personal training are evident in the transformation of my body. I was a fat kid, who was a fat teen, who turned into a fat adult. I have been on diets and exercise programmes my whole life and as such I researched the topic endlessly. I learned so much that I was an expert on the subject but I couldn’t consistently put my knowledge and expertise to work. I’ve had many times when I was on a health kick and lost a lot of weight. At one time, I even lost three stone of fat but I later gained it back.

Ejercicios para perder pesoMy problem was never that I didn’t know what to do  but I never consistently did it. Nothing could motivate me enough to keep on trucking on with a workout and diet. I would always quit and often quitting was not a conscious decision, it would just happen and I never knew why. I couldn’t pump myself up with images of a great body or with all the dates with pretty women I would go on or how I would  no longer be ashamed of my body, which I kept hidden behind baggy clothes.

It was my personal trainer who finally got me to stick to working out and eating right. I have always been the type of person who excelled when someone else was depending on me to do the right thing. With a personal trainer, I had someone to report to, someone to impress with my hard work and someone to give me a high-five when I was doing things right and working hard. For me, this is the most important benefit of a personal trainer. It is not some sort of specialize knowledge because with Google we can learn just about anything, it is the human contact, the duty, the encouragement, the not wanting to come off as a loser, the accolades and the drive that is instilled in you with your trainer. I used a fitness trainer near Liverpool Street in London to help me out.

If you have struggled to lose weight, then you need to get a trainer. Your problem is that you have been going at it alone and weight loss is not a battle for a single soldier. You don’t want to have to face your own lack of self-discipline or your unconscious complexes or demons alone. You need someone pushing you along this journey to good health and happiness.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

A sports massage was designed to give athletes proper preparation for their bodies to perform optimally. It was also designed to help athletes recover from intense exercise and to help the body function efficiently while training. However, you do not have to be a superior athlete in order to benefit from a sports massage.

A sports massage is known to be a form of the popular Swedish massage. The main function of a sports massage is to stimulate blood flow and lymph fluids. There are ultimately four different types of sports massages

1. pre event

2. post event

3. restorative

4. rehabilitative

All forms of sports massages are designed to help a person or athlete keep the body functioning at an optimal level. It is essential for athletes to remain able to perform optimally because of the physical demands of their respective jobs. However, it is just as important for a regular average person to keep their bodies in optimal condition, as well.

sports massageMany people do not understand who should get a sports massage and when they should get one. If you are recovering from a specific health problem associated with athletic activity, it is likely that you would benefit substantially from getting a sports massage. For this reason, it is recommended that all runners that may suffer from conditions related to the activity seek out professional sports massage help. This will allow runners to function optimally and avoid minor and serious injuries resulting from wear and tear.

Bodies are not meant to take too much beating. You should work towards giving your body the proper care and restoration that you can. If you are going to participate in intense physical activity, it is a good idea to prepare your body with a sports massage. A sports massage will not only give your body the preparation it needs to perform optimally, but it will also give the body the help it needs in order to perform without injury. By practicing pre event sports massage, you can eliminate many minor injuries that can occur. This is because a pre event massage will help increase blood flow and prepare certain muscles for increased physical exertion.

Finally, when you are considering whether or not to get a sports massage, you should always seek out a professional opinion. A health professional at Clapham Physiotherapy Clinic be able to guide you in the right direction.

Great Exercises to Consider When Pregnant

Exercise and diet go hand in hand to create a healthy body. This is true during every stage of life, and it is especially true during pregnancy. When a woman is carrying a child, she must nurture her body, remain active and prepare herself physically for all the demands that labour will bring. She must also take care to never overdo it or risk the health of her baby. This article addresses some of the best exercises to consider that will allow a woman to stay healthy and happy while carrying her baby.

Close-up of a woman eating healthy food.An often recommended exercise for pregnant women is yoga. Yoga is low impact and easy to adjust to meet every stage of pregnancy. It can be done in a classroom setting or at home with a DVD and yoga mat. Yoga stretches the body and helps to prepare a woman for birth. It also provides moments of peaceful relaxation that can help a woman to feel rejuvenated and ready for the demands of her day. Yoga addresses health on many different levels, spiritual, physical and psychological, and it can help a woman to feel ready in many ways for the demands that will be placed on her body for the next nine months.

Swimming is another fantastic exercise to pursue during pregnancy. Swimming is a no-impact exercise, as it allows a woman to float within the waves of the water. Swimming raises the heart rate, but it does not cause the body to become overheated, making it especially beneficial during this special time of life. A woman can easily modify her swimming routine as her body progresses through nine months of pregnancy, making it the perfect exercise for every trimester.

For women who enjoy running, modifying a running routine to include more walking can be a great way to stay in shape throughout pregnancy. Walking is easier on the joints than running, and it is safe for women of all fitness levels. Walking can be done anytime of day, indoors on a treadmill or while enjoying the great outdoors, making it a great routine for those who are on a budget or want to skip the gym.

Exercise is important during all stages of pregnancy, as it benefits both mother and baby. If you are ready to begin your pregnancy fitness routine, make sure to discuss exercise with your doctor to develop a plan that is right for you. Take the time to commit to your pregnancy exercise programme, and you are sure to see the benefits.



Boot Camp Benefits for Women

Outdoor fitness boot camps are all the rage at the moment with numerous operations springing up in parks all across the UK. But what are the benefits of regularly training at an outdoor fitness boot camp for the many women who attend them.

fitness bootcampFitness expert and health guru, Steve Hinds of Peak XV Fitness explains all the benefits his members see. Being outdoors, particularly in Winter in the UK is quite rare these days for many people so the fresh air and change of environment for many people is an immediate benefit. But far beyond this clean air and daylight are the psychological benefits of being out in nature and training with like minded people.

Hines says that many of his members stay on board at boot camp for many months, even years due to the support of all the other ladies in the group (along with Hines and his coaches as well!). The group format works really well for our group and being out in the fresh air, green environment and sunshine (sometimes!!) is a bonus.

The exercises themselves are pretty basic and with the exception of some of the longer running drills can be done in any gym in the country. However, the camaraderie and accountability built into the members of the group keeps everyone motivated and achieving their goals.

The final piece of the puzzle for any fitness and weight loss programme is nutrition. And Hines stresses that this is probably the one thing that brings his clients the most success. They work very hard at boot camp on the nutritional side of things and each client gets a structured protocol and supplement advice to ensure they reach their weight loss goals.

In conclusion, outdoor fitness bootcamps bring accountability and motivation to their members while encouraging them to get outside into frsh air and sunshine more often than people normally would. Finally, the all important nutritional support is provided to ensure each member hits their weight loss goals.


How To Lose Weight Effectively

For many women, trying to lose weight is particularly difficult and many spend their whole life on some sort of diet and doing hours of exercise. While exercising can help you burn calories and therefore lose weight, being permanently on a diet is not good for you. Your body needs to regularly receive nutrients and fuel from food to sustain itself.

healthy eatingIf you put it in starvation mode by excessive dieting then you deprive your body of vital nutrients and also your body has no option but to breakdown your muscles for fuel. It will literally eat itself to death. While starving yourself to lose weight and counting every calorie you consume is not wise watching what you eat is sensible.

The types of food you eat is much more important for weight loss than the amount of food you eat, especially for women. Of course, if you are regularly exercising then you can consume a sensible amount of calories without any weight gain but you’ll still benefit from balancing out the foods you eat.

To get the right balance of food eating a caveman style diet is advised, where you eat protein in the form of meat or fish and supplement this with green leafy vegetables. Add in some seasonal fruits along with nuts and seeds and you won’t go far wrong with your weight loss.

Problems occur when you eat too many refined carbohydrates which play havoc with your blood sugar and cause the release of insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone and promotes weight gain. Other problem foods include trans fats which are found in most fast or convenient type foods. These fats are alien to the body and are not assimilated properly causing weight gain and ill health.

These simple tips will save you the need to see a health nutritionist or doctor to overcome any weight loss plateaus you may be having. Apply them today and watch those numbers on the scales start going down again.